Trail Walk 2

This post takes you on another walk through the Aurora trail system. This time we will climb out of the valley to the street above and take a little look around.

Sometimes I meet a friend on my walks. We talk from a Covid-19 respectable distance.

At one point on the trail, the street is so much higher, or the bank more unstable, that stairs are provided to make it safer to make use of the trails.

Stairway to the street.

At most access points the ramp down to the trail is more gradual, but still requires caution.

The ramp to another street.

To the left of this residential street is a major four-lane street that separates our town form the neighbouring town. It is a prominent farming community with a lot of expertise in horses.

That is why the trail has this sign posted for people, dogs, and horses.

Do you like the YouTube videos?

A three minute video of the trails

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