Fallen Trees

Fallen Trees on the Aurora Trails

The Aurora Trails are maintained very well. The pictures show that there is no litter along the sides of the trails. There is more to be found along the sides of major streets than can be found in this trail system. The trails are covered with crushed limestone “Screenings”. This provides a stable surface for walking and allows water to drain through it.

You will notice a lot of trees that have broken or been cut down. Their trunks are just lying everywhere. The ones that are close to the trail and have been cut down were most likely cut when the trail was cut through the valley.

Other trees like the ones closer to the stream, have mostly fallen from disease, old age or not being able to stand up to some strong wind storms. All of the trees have been left where have fallen unless they were blocking the trail. They are left where they have fallen for several reasons. They provide a habitat for all forms of forest life that we normally do not see. perhaps because they are too small for us to notice, or they may be nocturnal and not around when they hear us tromping through their territory. The old stumps and leaves are allowed to decay naturally to provide nutrients for all of the young trees that are growing up and stretching for the available sunlight.

Fallen Trees in the Aurora Trail System
Fallen Trees in the Aurora Trail System

Sometimes the trees near the trail have to be trimmed or cut down if they pose a danger to people using the trails.

This is what the valley looks like where the trail has not been built and the stream has not developed yet.

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3 replies on “Fallen Trees”

Hi Martha. Yes, so fortunate to have these trails only a couple of blocks away in the green space planned through a residential area. If you look through the trees in the pictures you can see a home or two in the background.


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