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Five Roses Flower Pancakes

A friend of mine from the Ultimate Blog Challenge, Kebba Buckley Button, asked for more information on pancakes and the Lake of the Woods Flour Mill.

I worked in the mill in Keewatin, Ontario for a few months after high school and before moving to Toronto to study electronics.

1953 edition

Here is a picture of the cook book đź“– they published in 1953. It replaced the previous, second edition, published in 1931. This version was published because they were now selling the new vitamin enriched bread.

This cookbook is my go-to book for my preferred pancake recipe. Now that I have taken a picture of it, I can use my phone or tablet to pull up the recipe and save some wear and tear on the book.

Don’t forget the milk

I often add a little more milk and an extra egg to get a thinner crepe like pancake instead of the thicker cake like ones.

Like all good cook books they have a lot of other useful information. Here is a note on how many ounces there are in a cup. In North America, 8 oz. = 1 cup. However, in the U.K., they use an Imperial Standard of measuring and if you buy a measuring cup there, it will show 10 ounces to s cup. If you look carefully at the chart below it shows an Imperial pint is 2 1/2 cups and an Imperial Quart is 5 cups.

Useful conversions.

Now, what do you put on your pancakes? For me, it is Real Canadian Maple Syrup. Not that colored modified corn syrup that is labeled “pancake syrup”! A little butter melted on top first makes them taste creamier.

Dedicated to pancake lovers everywhere.

Pancake Tuesday is coming up February 21 this year. You may know it as Fat Tuesday or Carnival. The end of Mardi Gras, and the beginning of the Christian season of Lent.

– Where do you want to go this year? –