This blog has been created to participate in the Blog challenge.

The challenge is to make a post for every day in the month of October.

The secret of making this work is to  be accountable to someone to do what you know needs to be done.  Hence the title 2 b account able.  After all, we are all able to account for what we do. That may be my next blog, (able2account4) Please do not use it before I get to register it.

Have you ever noticed people, (not us of course) will do more to impress strangers than they will do for family,  friends or even themselves?  Therefore, pick someone you want to impress,  and tell ask them if you could send them an email, or text message, each day to let them know that you have done what you needed to do that day.  Tell them that they would be helping you, and that they would not have to respond to you, and they could if they wanted to.  How do you think they would feel about being given this honor?

Now you would not want to let them down would you? You would not want them to know that you could not do what you said you would do.  So go out there and do what you said you would do, and be accountable to someone else. ( or more than one) For even if you just might be OK with letting yourself down, and that is a bad habit to develop, you would not want to let “them” down. What would “they” think of us?

So with all of the “would” (wood) in the previous paragraph, I will leave the default  forest picture up for now.


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