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Journey to Wealth

My friend Bonnie Gortler, the option girl, a stock market professional who has been working in the investment field for over 30 years, has a brand new book coming out “Journey to Wealth”: A Practical and Mindful Approach to Growing … Continue reading

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Gratitude Book Project

THE GRATITUDE BOOK PROJECT: International Book Project Has More Than 300 People Sharing Their Stories of Gratitude, with National Book Sale Proceeds Benefiting Three Charitable Organizations Doug Jarvie is a co-author in the 2013 edition of The Gratitude Book Project: Celebrating 365 Days … Continue reading

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Where do you want to go today?

When you see the question, ” where do you want to go today”, do you think of a place you want to travel to, maybe for a vacation, or do you think of somewhere you want to surf to on … Continue reading

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Intentional living

Are you still looking for the one key? That key could be intentional living if you do not already have it and apply it all day every day. Intentional is defined as: “done on purpose, not by accident”. It is … Continue reading

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Steps to an intentional day

This is a sample application summary of the previous twenty-nine days of posts. Use it to remind yourself of the things mentioned in the previous posts. 1. Start your day on the night before with a schedule of what you … Continue reading

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The “write” way to shift your emotions.

Writing has been an effective way for some people to calm the emotional turmoil of the day, or build up the emotional energy for the day ahead. Write, journal, blog, write your story or a book of positive aspects of … Continue reading

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Principles and procedures

Procedures are many, Principles are few, Procedures always change Principles seldom do. Principles can be called the laws of the universe. Here a few examples. Gravity draws two bodies together. Electrical charges can draw them together or force them apart … Continue reading

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