Where do you want to go today?

When you see the question, ” where do you want to go today”, do you think of a place you want to travel to, maybe for a vacation, or do you think of somewhere you want to surf to on the web?

I’m inviting you to surf over to another site where I will be posting for the month of July. This will be my commitment to the “ultimate blog challenge” to post 31 times in the month.  There you will find my thoughts about the question “where do you want to go today?” along with a few pictures to inspire you to think about planning for where you want to go and what you will need to do  to get there.

The webpage is new and needs a few more features added to it. I would appreciate your comments and suggestions to me on how I can improve it.

Here is a picture of a mild Canadian January day with a little snow to help you think cool thoughts to escape the summer heat.  The clouds  in the upper left will bring more snow. Thankfully, that is not smoke from a forest fire.

Winter Day
Winter Day

By 2baccountable

Travelling the world to see what's there, while it is still there.

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