Steps to an intentional day

This is a sample application summary of the previous twenty-nine days of posts. Use it to remind yourself of the things mentioned in the previous posts.

1. Start your day on the night before with a schedule of what you will accomplish and when and how much time it will take, and who will help you. Review your plan within the last thirty minutes before putting your head on the pillow.

2. Plan your bed time. Your body requires enough rest to repair the wear and tear of each day. While your conscious mind will sleep through the night, your subconscious mind will not. Most of the time it will spend the night processing the information it has most recently received. The thoughts you have received in the last fifteen to thirty minutes before sleeping.

3. The guy in the glass, man in mirror, or lady in looking-glass (GG, MM, LL) exercise is very valuable at this time because it gives your subconscious good thoughts to work on through the night. By rewriting the events of the day in a positive light with a positive lesson and advancement toward your dream, the subconscious will continue to program itself toward achieving that dream.

4. In the morning before the conscious mind is fully awake, focus your mind on envision the way your day will play out. And focus on your dream and how beautiful it will be. Imagine yourself in the dream with the people you want with you. There is no space for anything but positive here. It is your safe space, happy place, your mental workshop. This is the most powerful 15 minutes of your next 23 hours and 45 minutes for it sets up your mental and emotional attitude that you bring to the rest of your day.

5. Visit the mirror to talk to your self before putting on the face you will show the world. It is time to do your MM, GG or LL. At this point you may get an argument from your ego who does not agree with the positive things you are telling yourself. This is good. Your ego is struggling for existence as well. Since you are so intimately connected, why fight each other, work together.

6. Feed your body the foods that will empower it to function through the day. Not only the high energy fast burning fuel, but the building materials that allow the repair of the physical plant, and the electrolytes that enable the communication of the various systems.

7. Your JOB is your joy. It is in your job description to be joyful. (You may have to check the fine print. I am sure you were not hired to be a grouch.) Stop at regular intervals to check if you are joyful. If not, make the required adjustments before getting on with the work part. Open the folder for the day and begin the highest priority job for the day. Tackle the task with a joyful attitude. It will be easier when the positive thoughts make no room for anything else.

8. Schedule meal times, and family times, fun times and work times. Interruptions, mail, calls, should be handled immediately with a ten minute do it, or a delegate it, or a delete it, or a delay it by putting it into a folder to be handled at a particular time.

9. In your schedule, leave time to be open to new opportunities. Do not allocate all of your attention units to your work. If an excellent opportunity arose, would you have the time to explore the possibilities?  You may have to say NO to some of the things that are cramping your ability to excel. The best are rewarded  much more than the next best.

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Travelling the world to see what's there, while it is still there.

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