The “write” way to shift your emotions.

Writing has been an effective way for some people to calm the emotional turmoil of the day, or build up the emotional energy for the day ahead.

Write, journal, blog, write your story or a book of positive aspects of you life to improve your emotional energy.

Daily habits are the easiest to develop and sustain. Try writing for a few minutes each day. You may start with only a few words like “checking in to get this done”.  The first lesson is to commit to doing a simple task that you know you can do, and then following through on what you have committed to yourself to do. What would hold you accountable, a check off list, a friend, a coach, a punishment or a reward?

When do you most need to improve your emotional state? Early morning has proven to be the best for me because my conscious mind is not as busy blocking and doing what it does best, questioning all of the thoughts of the subconscious. I have always functioned as an evening person, believing that was when I worked the best. Maybe the conscious mind was getting tired then and not fighting as hard with the subconscious mind.

Emotions are an indicator of our feelings which are the results of our thoughts. Thoughts that are in conflict with each other cannot create a feeling of peace. This is cognitive dissonance. If your writing is more like a research project searching for facts to support what you are thinking, it is just that. However; if it can be done in a free flowing manner while the conscious mind is at rest, you will get a different result. Maybe that little voice within is attached to a great heart.

Your daily blog can be hand written, an audio recording, a video or electronic note, a painting, sculpture, sketch, or any creative imaginative way that comes from the creative right side of your brain. For the logic minded left brained people, why only use part of your brain, be a whole brained person, the two halves work best when they communicate.




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    plenty of excellent information on here, : D.

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