Principles and procedures

Procedures are many,

Principles are few,

Procedures always change

Principles seldom do.

Principles can be called the laws of the universe. Here a few examples. Gravity draws two bodies together. Electrical charges can draw them together or force them apart depending on the charges being the same or opposing. Synergy produces greater results when two are working together than the sum of their individual efforts.

One force may be stronger that the other, or an overriding principle. The thrust of a rocket engine can override the law of gravity.

Procedures are good when they make things run smoothly, efficiently, and reduce errors, injury and other undesired results. Procedures change when the expected results change. It is insane to expect different results without changing the procedure.

Procedures that work against the law of nature will continually face resistance and will have to change.

When designing new procedures be aware of the principle laws of nature (human nature and physical laws of the universe). Be aware of when you are placing opposing forces together, and the purpose and consequences of doing so. Be prepared to change the procedure if the results produced are not the results desired.

By 2baccountable

Travelling the world to see what's there, while it is still there.

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