Mountain top experiences or hill top adventures?

Are you still looking for your mountain top experience?

Do you think it will come to you while you are working in the valley? Have you made any attempt to climb the hill to see what the view is like from up there? I hope you can imagine where your mountain is. Have you been training on the smaller hills? Are you expecting a helicopter to come and lift you to the top? Would you accept a ride on a hot air balloon if it was offered to you, would you even recognize it as a way to where you wanted to go or would you reject it because your plan said it had to be a helicopter? Maybe you are afraid of heights and prefer to stay in the valley.

If you are content to be just good, then you will never take the required effort to raise yourself to great.   Good is the enemy of great.  – Jim Collins “Good to Great”

How many hills are there near you that you can climb to get a different view of where you are and where you want to go or can go? Can you even look over the fence to see what is happening on the other side? If you know a flood is coming, do you move to higher ground? Remember if you cannot save yourself, how can you save others? If you cannot help your self, how can you help others? Yesterday a man told me; when the wind blows, some people make walls, and others make windmills. What are you making?

These are questions to you from me, and the answers are for you and from you. Being a good coach is about having good questions. Being a success is about finding great answers.

Are you reading this because you are looking for the answers, or because you are bored and have nothing better to do?  I hope you are looking for the answers because they are your questions, formed from within and the answers are also within. You can find many mentors who have travelled the path and had success. You can find coaches who will keep you accountable to following your path. You can find answers about what your path is, and the answers are within you. You can find a counselor to help pull you out of the ditch when you have strayed from your path, but remember, it is your path.

“You can do this, and you know you can.”  – Vic Johnson

By 2baccountable

Travelling the world to see what's there, while it is still there.

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