More attention units.

How can we get more time to do the things we love to do?

Employers expect their employees to multitask, hopefully to do two or more things at the same time. Then they wonder why your mind wanders, and you are not focused on your task and not giving good quality work or service. Usually it involves handling several projects at one time. To switch from one to another when a natural break occurs in one project or the demand or priority rises to the top in another project. As a customer do you ever feel the person serving you is trying to answer the phone and serve you at the same time, or serve two customers at the same time?

True progress is made at the fastest rate when the mind is focused on the challenge at hand. So focused that there is no attention paid to what is happening, other than on the task at hand. In this state all sense of time is lost. Several hours of uninterrupted work can seem like it has only taken a few minutes, or in only a few minutes three or four times the normal amount of work has been accomplished. This is referred to as being in the flow, or in the zone.

Coming back to attention units, your life is made up of units of time devoted to specific activities. Activities like dressing, bathing, eating, preparing meals, cleaning, driving, waiting, writing, reading, watching and listening.

There are points when there is a transition from one activity to another. This would be an excellent time to stop and measure your emotional level. Is it high because you enjoyed the previous activity in the previous attention unit, or is it low because of the previous activity? Is it high because you really enjoy the next activity and are looking forward to it? Or is it low because you real do not like to do what you have to do next. These emotional levels are traits, not states, because they can change with each activity. The state is the overall level for the day, or the level that you spent most of your day at.

Each time you change from one unit of attention to a different unit, you can choose a different level of emotion to bring into that activity. Choose a higher level, and at the end of your day, the total energy level for the day will be higher.

By 2baccountable

Travelling the world to see what's there, while it is still there.

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